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Forging Equipment

Non-oxidizing annealing furnace Cold rolling Cold rolling

With high technological skills and well-equipped facilities, Superb products are manufactured.

Non-oxidizing annealing furnace
It is a continuous furnace for spheroidizing annealing that automatically runs from filling products to taking them out in an automatic cycle.
Controlled by the O2mv of the O2 sensor in the furnace atmosphere,it reduces the hardness of steel uniformly and makes carbide spheroidizing so that we can easily work on secondary processing such as cutting and cold working.

Shot Blast
φ1.2 of steel balls are shot to remove burrs and scales.

Cold rolling
In cold rolling, because hot-forged products are rolled by application of pressure and stretched out,we can make higher-precision products.
In addition, it improves yield rate of materials with our advanced technological skills.

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