4 social action programs which Okita has been working on.

Reduction of environmental burdens

"Reduction of electric consumption"
We are working on energy saving to prevent global warming,conserving electricity such as introducing LED lights in all the plants and offices.

"Hybridization of the company-owned car"
In order to reduce the amount of fuel used by company vehicles, we are working to switch to hybrid vehicles.

Contribution to global environment

Contribution to global environment

"In an eco-friendly way"
Roof greening has been introduced at Okayama plant.With effective thermal storage and heat dissipation, the heat island phenomenon is suppressed.

"The use of renewable energy"/em>
We are promoting the use of renewable energy such as introducing the solar panels on the roof of the Okayama Plant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, .

Safe and comfortable working environment

"The commitment to safety"
Monthly inspection is conducted by the safety and health committee set up in the company. Building up a system to obtain feedback from employees helps to make a big improvement in the working environment.

"A complete health-care system"
In an annual health checkup for all the employees, diagnoses are ascertained by an industrial doctor.
If the doctor has concerns about their health, the employee is interviewed and provided health guidance by them.

"Support for childbirth and nursing"
To help employees to balance their work with child care,we encourage them to take maternity leave.Also those who have to care for a child are allowed to take time off up to 2 hours each day.

Development of human resources for future generations

"The importance of employee education"
In order to effectively encourage the growth of the young, we place considerable importance to OJT.We also provide business manner training to improve customer service.

"Introcuction of distance learning"
By learning mental attitude required as business person and basic knowledge for the professional job with distance learning before they start to work, is obtained as a member of society, we support our employees and challenge them to work with confidence when they join the company.
Prospective employees are provideddistance learning to learn mental attitude as an adult and basic knowledge for the professional job so that they can start work with confidence.

Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification

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