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Quality Control

Simultaneous achievement of high quality and productivity

Simultaneous achievement of high quality and productivity

As our quality policy says "our mission is to make customers satisfied and share a joy with them", we set a goal that we always have to satisfy our customers in terms of quality, price, deadline, and service. To provide products which consistently meet our customer demands and pursue sound corporate activities while simultaneously achieving high quality and productivity is vitally important. We believe it is essential for the entire firm to work on this theme, which leads to establishing customer trust-"If we ask Okita, they can do it." To provide thorough quality control based on strict rules, we obtained the Quality Management System Standard "ISO9001" in 2003 as well as "TS16949" in 2011, which was created by adding specific requirement for automobiles to ISO9001. In addition, we obtained an Environmental Management System Standard"ISO14001" at Okayama plant in 2010.

Quality Contro
Based on these ISO management systems, we aim to improve ourselves and increase the corporate value. All employees recognize their roles and responsibilities so that they can be aware of their problems and work at improving them. Reliable business quality can be established through these daily improvements through both individual and company know-how and compliance to the new standards. As we put "Making high-quality products" as the corporate main theme and seriously work on quality control, we believe we can establish more comfortable relationship with customers and society.

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