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We provide higher-quality products with superior technology

The customer needs are becoming more diversified and require more consistent high-quality products. Our production system is prepared to meet those needs with fully-equipped plants and technical skills which have been built up over the year, including plant optimization on a daily basis. The combination of hot forging and cold forging brought in a high-precision and highly-efficient process. Post-processing of cold rolling and non-oxidation annealing furnace enables us to make higher-precision products. Also to deal with expedited orders from clients, our equipment for making mold is ready to go at any time. Promoting energy and resource saving, process simulation system "DEFORM"has been introduced so that we can reduce mistakes and the processing time for mold making. We have plants strategically placed in Osaka, Okayama and China, and to help diversify our risks we are cooperating with domestic and international subcontractors to establish quantity production system which is high-quality but cost-competitiv.

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