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We have established a fully-equipped production system to maintain a stable supply of high-quality products.

 A high precision and highly efficient production system is prepared so that we can stably provide high quality products. With the hot forging production process, using the combination of horizontal and vertical forge enables the system to make a wide variety of products large and small. While using 10 of the horizontal and 6 of vertical forges, we are always working on making higher-quality products at a lower cost. Also, using the combination of a hot forge and cold forge increases the degree of accuracy, which helps to improve yield rate in the post-process. To meet urgent orders, a system for making mold based on NC lathe is equipped. As a company having long-term experience, achievement, and high skills, we are focusing on better production systems to ensure user's benefit.

Name of line Monthly production
of materials
Osaka plant
HNP-60 3processes 3,000 Φ23-40 Φ18-28
HNP-80 3processes 2,500 Φ30-47 Φ20-32
HNP-90 3processes 2,500 Φ30-55 Φ20-32
HNP-100 3processes 2,000 Φ40-67 Φ32-38
HPF-120R 4processes 2,000 Φ40-76 Φ32-44
Okayama plant
Hot forging T400Transfer 3processes 500 Φ50-83 Φ30-42
T1000Transfer 3processes 400 Φ50-105 Φ30-46
T1200Transfer 5processes 400 Φ50-115 Φ38-60
T1600-1Transfer 5processes 400 Φ70-130 Φ38-60
T1600-2Transfer 3processes 400 Φ70-130 Φ38-60
HNP-60S 3processes 3,000 Φ23-40 Φ18-28
HPF85 4processes 2,500 Φ30-55 Φ20-34
HBP-120 (2) 4processes 2,000×2 Φ40-76 Φ32-44
HNP-140SM 3processes 2,000 Φ40-90 Φ32-46
HFW-800-4 4processes 1,600 Φ50-105 Φ42-60
Cold forging 800T 700 Φ60-102
1000T 700 Φ60-102
1200T 600 Φ60-102
Separation 200T 800
250T 850
Cold rolling CRF70/120/180/200 (35) 7000 / 35 Φ40-200
Gifu plant
Hot forging HFW500-4 4processes 2,000 Φ40-90 Φ18-28
HFW250-4 4processes 2,500 Φ25-58 Φ20-32
Cold rolling CRF70/120(3) 240/3 Φ40-120
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