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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, OKITA IRON WORKS CO.,LTD., recognize the importance of appropriate management and protection for information which could identify an individual, such as a customer or a business partner, and ensure legal compliance to protect personal information through company rules and employee training.

Disclosure/Provision to a Third Party

We properly manage personal information and we never disclose or provide it to a third party without your consent except in any of the following cases.

  • ・When we have customers' consent.
  • ・When it is ordained by law or public organization such as the court or the police.
  • ・When it is required to protect the life, body or property of the said person and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the said person.
  • ・When it is especially required to improve the public health or to promote the healthy growth of children and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the said person.
  • ・When it is required to cooperate for the national institution or local public authorities or their trustees to accomplish their purposes and when it could affect the completion of the relevant business by obtaining the consent of the said person.

Treatment of Personal Information

・Collection of personal information
We sometimes acquire your personal information: Email address, name, home address and telephone number when you use our website or when we receive an inquiry, a request for brochure, or questionnaire. In any of these cases, after informing you of the purposes of your personal information, we collect the provided information within the appropriate limits. In addition, information should be provided by customers' intention in principle.
・Use of the Personal Information
The provided personal information is only to be used for a clearly specified purpose. It is never used for any other purpose without your agreement.

Management of Personal Information

We strictly manage customers' personal information in a proper security environment, following the related laws and the corporate regulation of management of personal information to prevent leaking, falsification, loss or utilization other than for intended purposes of personal information. We also make all employees understood the appropriate way to treat personal information.

About SSL Encryption

About SSL Encryption We have adopted SSL Encryption for inquiry and requests for brochure on our website. Please use a SSL enabled browser.

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