Basic Principle

Providing world-class solutions
through innovation and advanced technologies

We provide higher-quality products with superior technology

Since we launched our business in 1963, we, Okita Iron Works Co.,Ltd., have been working on maintaining a stable supply of high-quality products which satisfy our customers' demands with both our high-quality productive technique and complete quality control based on considerable experience and past achievements.
Our company emblem represents a figure "Easy to come in, Difficult to get out". It also implies "Easy to get together, Difficult to get away", which expresses our thought; our mission is "to make customers satisfied and share a joy with them."
We currently have plants in Osaka, Okayama, Gifu, and China so that we can keep our production systems at high-quality and high-efficiency with several domestic and international subcontractors.
While introducing the latest technology and increasing our adaptive ability to deal with market demand promptly and carefully, which is becoming diverse and getting complex day by day, we make an effort to keep our work environment safe and comfortable to maximize our employees' productivity. Storing our accumulated know-how, we are trying making a system to pass it down the generations.

Technology Quality Caltivation Environment

"Making customers satisfied" needs both "High-quality products" and "Helping employees grow." While we have built high technological skills based on our long experience, we also invest our energy into employee training for the next generation. We are always focusing on these three issues: quality improvement, better mass production technology, and employee training. As well as cutting cost and improving productivity, we seriously work through energy saving for a clean global society. As a part of this action, we obtained an Environmental Management System Standard "ISO14001" at the Okayama plant in 2010. We believe improving corporate value through these actions leads to establishing a comfortable relationship with customers and society. Fulfilling our responsibility to society and stakeholders, we can contribute to a better and richer society.

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