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President's Message

We,Okita Iron Works Co., Ltd.,who have made a variety of forging since 1963, had our 50th anniversary this year.It is all because of understanding and support from our customers and subcontractors and we deeply appreciate them.

The founder,Masayuki Okita, started a small iron company with a tiny machine. To make the next leap forward,we blush up our skills so that we can create high-value unique products and services based on the founder's vision,"To make customers satisfied and share a joy with them."

Also we consider our staff as our family.It is important to pursue profits as a company; however, we give the highest priority to our staff's happiness.We get together as a family and work on a variety of customers' problems so that we can reach a solution

Nowadays, social and economic conditions are facing a big revolution around the globe and everything is changing more and more rapidly. At times like this, we believe "Clear Vision" and "Speedy Action" would open the way to the future.Even at a time like this, we would like to be needed and beloved by customers. So we have to work on corporate activity without stint of effort to maintain a great relationship with our customers for more than 50 or 100 years.We would like to thank you for being our customer.

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